10 years of experience

In SugarCRM deployment

+ 150 Customers

Successful projects

(SMEs and large companies)

CRM Project Method

To succeed in all SugarCRM Projects

SugarCRM Partner

Our relations with the SugarCRM editor allow us to stay informed on the latest news in order to advise and serve our customers.

SugarCRM Certified Team

All project managers and developers have SugarCRM certifications: a guarantee of excellent development practices on SugarCRM software

SugarCRM Nominations

Several nominations submitted by SugarCRM: Top Partner, Partner of the month, Top contributor

SugarCRM Modules

We developed many additional modules for SugarCRM users.

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SugarCRM Training

Specific Development



Hosting services

We can do it for you!

Our experience and technical expertise allow us to meet all needs and requests.               

We supported 150 small and medium-sized companies and large accounts in the implementation of their SugarCRM project.

Our clients, who include EasyBourse, WiiSmile, and Asendia, are drawn to our technical and business expertise, our project methodology, and the quality of the human relations we build together.


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