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Odoo was created by a European company in 2005. Today this software has become an international software.

With 500 employees and 1250 partners, Odoo is present in 7 cities: New York and San Francisco (USA), Brussels and Grand Rosière (Belgium), Luxembourg, Gujarat (India) and Honk Kong.

With the "On-premise" offer, Odoo is the most installed business software in the world. It is used by over 3.700.000 users worldwide ranging from startup companies (1 user) to large enterprises (300,000+ users).

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                                        Odoo features

                                        Odoo is a modular software that can be adapted to all the needs of a company. Small, medium or large companies: Odoo adapts to the processes and characteristics of each company.

                                        Odoo's particularity comes from the possibility of interconnecting all the services of a company and passing information from one service to another easily.

                                        Odoo allows to increase sales with these applications:

                                        • CRM

                                        • Point of sales

                                        • Sales

                                        Odoo allows to integrate services with these applications:

                                        • Project

                                        • Timesheet

                                        • Helpdesk

                                        Odoo allows to streamline operations with these applications:

                                        • Inventory

                                        • MRP

                                        • Purchase

                                        Odoo allows to build stunning websites with these applications:

                                        • Website builder

                                        • Ecommerce

                                        Odoo allows to manage finance with these applications:

                                        • Invoicing

                                        • Accounting

                                        Odoo allows to grow marketing reach with these applications:

                                        • Email marketing

                                        • Marketing Automation

                                        Discover Odoo


                                        Odoo -Project Management

                                        Project Management

                                        Easily manage all your projects from start to finish with odoo

                                        Odoo - Email marketing

                                        Email marketing

                                        Easy creation of email marketing

                                        Odoo - Electronic signature

                                        Electronic signature

                                        Electronic signature of all documents

                                        Odoo CRM

                                        Odoo CRM

                                        Contact management with Odoo CRM.

                                        The real customer centric CRM who track leads, close opportunities and get accurate forecasts.

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                                        100,000+ companies enjoy Odoo to grow their businesses.

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