Odoo hosting

Odoo hosting: What are the different hosting options

Odoo hosting

Odoo Hosting: How to host odoo?

Odoo is a business management software with many features. It is designed for small, medium and large companies in all sectors of activity.

It is a fully integrated software that meets all the needs of a company and aims to increase its profitability.

The Odoo software can be hosted by your Odoo partner, by yourself or by Odoo directly.

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On premise

Odoo can be hosted on premise. This type of hosting requires having the resources in-house to do so.

The Odoo integration partner does not generally offer the same types of guarantees with the choice of this hosting because it is not in charge of the hosting.

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Integrator's cloud

Choosing hosting by the integrator means being assured that the integrator takes care of everything and offers you good guarantees.

The integrator will take care of odoo updates and provide you with a customer support.

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Odoo's cloud

Odoo also offers another solution for hosting its software. With "Odoo.sh" it is Odoo that manages the hosting.

This solution has many advantages such as cost and operating guarantees.

But this solution also has the disadvantage that you will not be updating updates.

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Which Odoo hosting to choose?

Which Odoo hosting to choose?

Each Odoo hosting solution has strengths and weaknesses.

There is no better hosting solution, each company has its own specific needs and requirements that require you to make the best choice between these 3 Odoo hosting modes.