Have a good CRM

It makes you confident !

Captivea supports your company to deploy and maintain your CRM.

        CRM Project

        From the beginning, we work with you to :
        • Define your needs

        • Define your action plan to deploy the CRM

        • Choose the appropriate deployment method

        • Choose the best software

        We provide effective support for the deployment of your CRM in the following areas :
        • CRM customization

        • Specific development

        • CRM Training

        • CRM Hosting

        • CRM Maintenance

        CRM Project

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        All you need to know for your project

        We deploy only the best !


        The Challenger

        • Easy customization
        • Innovative UX
        • Low price

        ODOO CRM

        All in one

        • All you need in one software
        • An easy customer portal implementation
        • Low price


        Marketing Automation Tool

        • Marketing Automation software
        • Track your web visitors
        • Do amazing email campaigns easily

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