The best features of SugarCRM for sales forces

All the essential features of SugarCRM software for a sales manager and his team

The SugarCRM software makes customer relationships extraordinary. Sales teams can gain many benefits by using the SugarCRM software.

Activity indicators

SugarCRM software provides sales managers with a good visibility on the activity of their department and teams. Indeed, with SugarCRM he will be able to closely monitor key indicators. He will be able to know the number of appointments made per period, the number of telemarketing calls made, the number of quotes sent, etc....

On the SugarCRM homepage the sales manager will be able to customize the information they want to see quickly. He will be able to organize dashlets and highlight important data.

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Sales indicators and forecasts

In addition to the daily activities and tasks of his sales team, the sales manager needs sales information. And thanks to the SugarCRM software he will be able to have detailed information on the company's sales. He will be able to know what the turnover generated at a given time is, which are the sectors that sell best, where the best margins are made.

With SugarCRM, the sales manager can create precise and personalized dashboards according to the criteria he wishes. He will also be able to access a sales forecast based on the commercial portfolio for the coming days.

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Monitoring of the commercial strategy

SugarCRM will allow the sales manager to follow qualitative objectives. Indeed, it will be able to create dashboards and cross-reference all the data contained in the CRM. For example, he may have precise information on each sales representative.

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The sales manager will be able to set up alerts to his team. It will be able to set simple alerts, such as alerts on tasks to be performed and also create more complex alerts.

Indeed it will be possible to be alerted on abnormal situations for example customers who have not been contacted for several months, files with missing information while a case is in progress.

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