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General information about SugarCRM

SugarCRM is a complete CRM software that allows you to process information from sales and marketing departments.

SugarCRM is a customizable software that can be perfectly adapted to any type of company regardless of their sector of activity or size.

SugarCRM is a proven software, it has been in existence since 2004 and is used by 2.5 million users.

SugarCRM provides a simple user interface via an intuitive and customizable platform.

Sales management

Sales management with SugarCRM software

With SugarCRM, all commercial actions are optimized. All information concerning customers and prospects is easily accessible via SugarCRM's easy-to-use interface.

SugarCRM's objective is to increase the productivity of the sales teams and enable them to close more deals.

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Reporting tools

With the SugarCRM software it is possible to put personalized dashboards in which each sales representative can follow his activities, tasks and indicators. Each sales representative can thus have an overview of his or her work to be done and to come.

The sales manager will also be able to use the SugarCRM software to get a complete overview of the work of each member of his team. He will be able to monitor performance and ensure that objectives are met. The sales manager will be able to create and customize his own reports with the SugarCRM software.


With SugarCRM software, the management team can have a global view of sales. SugraCRM analyzes sales in real time and provides complete information on each transaction.

The management of SugarCRM's pipeline allows better collaboration in order to implement strategic actions on each customer, each prospect, each ongoing sale.

Mobile CRM

Sales teams will always have access to all data and information about their customers and prospects thanks to SugarCRM's mobile application. Salespeople can be more efficient and not miss any opportunity to win a business.

All appointments, calls and activities are accessible in real time on the application, which facilitates the work of the sales team.

Customer Service with sugarCRM software

Customer Service with SugarCRM software

With SugarCRM, companies can offer their customers high quality customer service and support. All the information and data contained in SugarCRM allows us to respond to customer needs quickly and easily.

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360 customer view

SugarCRM allows customer support teams to have all the information about customers and to know their activities, their sales history.


The SugarCRM software allows to set up a customer portal and a knowledge base. This allows support teams to save time and increase productivity because customers can find answers to their problems themselves.

Customer satisfaction

SugaCRM helps to increase customer satisfaction by implementing loyalty and e-promotion programs and to monitor customer satisfaction scores and react faster if they are low.

Customer Service with sugarCRM software

Marketing with SugarCRM software

SugarCRM allows you to set up a personalized marketing service for your customers and prospects.

With the customer and prospect data contained in the software it is easy and convenient to set up targeted and relevant marketing actions.

All actions and conversions can be tracked in SugarCRM

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With SugarCRM, it is possible to easily link the different marketing campaigns with the results they have generated. With the reports, marketing teams will also be able to know which campaigns have worked best and which campaigns have the best ROI.

Target segmentation

With SugarCRM, companies can communicate in a targeted way to their customers and prospects. This ensures that the right message is delivered at the right time to the right person. This increases conversion rates.s.

Link between marketing and sales

SugarCRM allows for greater lead conversion and provides sales teams with more hot leads through lead management and process automation.

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