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SugarCRM Project: How to implement SugarCRM in your company?

All the things to know before starting your SugarCRM project.


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The essential functionalities for your company

The essential functionalities for your company

SugarCRM is a very complete software. Not all companies use it in the same way. It is therefore important with the implementation of SugarCRM software to define the features your company needs. In addition to defining the functionalities, it is also essential to prioritize them to know their degree of importance.

Service by service, it will be important to define the needs, processes, expected result. A SugarCRM integrator can assist you in defining your needs. Because it is a very important part in the implementation of the software, which ensures the success of a CRM project and the adoption of the software by users.

Prioritizing needs can speed up the implementation of the software and make it possible to implement it with the main and essential functionalities and to make it evolve. This makes it possible to have software in place quickly in the company.

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Customization of the software

Customization of the software

SugarCRM's great asset is its ability to adapt to the specific needs of all companies. It is therefore important for the software to integrate them perfectly into the company. Thus the fields will be named in the same way as you do in the company, the processes will be integrated into the software so that users can easily find and understand them.

Each company uses SugarCRM in its own way. The expertise of an integrator is essential in this step because he will be able to set up the customizations and carry out the complementary technical developments.

The integrator can also provide you with expertise in how to transcribe your business processes into the software. It will give you the keys so that the software is the easiest to use, so that the company's employees quickly adhere to the software. The sooner the software is installed and used in the company, the sooner the company will have an increase in its ROI.

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Connectors with other software

Connectors with other software

CRM will become a central element of your company. We must therefore ask ourselves the question of the relationship with other software. The data contained in SugarCRM must be transmitted to the ERP and vice versa, and in the same way the data contained in SugarCRM must be shared with your automation marketing software.

It is essential that data be shared between departments and that this be done automatically. It is unthinkable to have to manually perform operations between several software programs that can be performed automatically.

This is where an integrator can still operate. He will define with you which data master software will be used (the reference software for the data) and will determine which information should be transferred from one software to another and how often.

After studying this, the integrator will be able to develop the necessary gateways for data sharing.

SugarCRM is a software to which it is possible to easily add connectors. Moreover, there are already ready-made connectors between SugarCRM and some software. Ask your integrator for information on this point.

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The deployment of SugarCRM

The deployment of SugarCRM

After having done all the steps of defining needs, customizing, installing connectors, it is now time to ask yourself the question of software deployment.

SugarCRM is an online software that can be hosted in several ways. It is up to you to define which is best for you.

Indeed, you can take care of the software hosting yourself. It should be noted that this requires having the necessary skills in-house.

Alternatively, you can use an integrator who can take care of hosting the software. It is an easier solution because with his experience and expertise you will be sure to be able to access the software and have backups without worrying about anything.

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Evolve with SugarCRM

Evolve with SugarCRM

CRM software must not be fixed, it must be able to evolve over time and with the growth of the company. With SugarCRM it is possible to modify the settings and customization in order to keep the software up to date.

This is a strong point of this software, because you will see that you will have to make changes regularly to ensure that the software always corresponds to your needs.

It is here again that the integrator has a role to play. Indeed, the integrator who will have installed SugarCRM in your company will already know how it works, its configuration, so it will be easy and quick to make changes.

At the same time, the integrator will also offer you a customer support service in which your requests regarding the daily use of SugarCRM and also your evolution requests will be handled. This is a point to be defined contractually with the integrator.

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