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About SugarCRM

SugarCRM is a CRM software designed to make customer relationships extraordinary.

Sugarcrm interface is easy to use and focuses on the essential features related to customer relationship management.

SugarCRM automates business processes by adapting and customizing to the needs of the company.

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Project management with SugarCRM

Project management with SugarCRM software offers to manage projects in all areas related to CRM such as sales, marketing, customer support.

Companies need software that allows them to have a global vision of projects.

In SugarCRM, to facilitate the work of companies, it is possible to manage projects using predefined templates. This makes it possible to manage all tasks related to customers.

The project management module is integrated with the other sugarcrm modules.

Projects are tracked through grant graphs that track the progress of each project and provide an efficient visualization of each project?

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Project management with SugarCRM

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