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SugarCRM partner for your CRM project

Have experts assist you in setting up SugarCRM

SugarCRM allows companies to optimize their relationships with their customers and make them extraordinary.

It is a complete software that adapts perfectly to all companies, of all sizes and in all sectors of activity.

The great strength of SugarCRM is that it can be customized and adapted to the specific needs of companies.

It is not the company that adapts to the software, it is the software that adapts to the company.

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A SugarCRM partner to define the project

Before implementing any business management tool it is important to know what you want and what are the essential needs.

The SugarCRM partner helps companies to define this in order to be able to implement the software as quickly as possible and to get it up and running immediately.

A SugarCRM partner to configure the CRM software

After defining what the company wants, the SugarCRM partner can configure the software and customize it. If necessary, the SugarCRM partner can also develop additional modules and integrate them into the software.

The software is easy to use and its platform is quickly familiar to users.

A SugarCRM partner to train users

The SugarCRM partner will train users in the SugarCRM software. It is important that users know how to use the software quickly and that they adhere to its working.

As the software is customized to the company, users generally quickly understand how the software works.

A SugarCRM partner to upgrade the software

Companies evolve and grow, so it is essential that their CRM software can do this with them.

SugarCRM fully responds to this point because it can be adapted, modified, simply and quickly.

The SugarCRM partner will be there to make these modifications, these evolutions, so that the software is always in line with the company's needs.

We have supported many companies in their sugarcrm project

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How to choose your SugarCRM Partner?

SugarCRM is a solution that has been gaining momentum in recent years (Gartner itself has qualified SugarCRM as a visionary!).

More and more SMEs, ETI or Key Accounts decide to equip themselves with the famous open source CRM software to manage their commercial and customer service processes.

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SugarCRM Consulting

Captivea is a SugarCRM integrator partner since 2009 and supports them in the implementation of SugarCRM from start to finish.

All the companies that have trusted Captivea for their CRM project have been able to successfully implement an effective SugarCRM project.

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How to properly integrate SugarCRM with your Information System ?

An excellent SugarCRM integration in your information system is paramount. Fortunately for the CIO, SugarCRM is based on a standard connection technology. It is actually more than that, an open-source that offers unlimited possibilities. Lets look at some key points to take into account.

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