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SugarCRM - CRM software

The CRM software that will make your customer relationships extraordinary

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SugarCRM is a customer management software that manages all interactions with customers.

SugarCRM is published by the company with the same name, based in California. Since 2004 SugarCRM has been offering its users a complete CRM software, which can be customized to the needs of each company. Since its inception, the software has evolved well and today offers features in line with market needs..

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CRM software for sales teams

SugarCRM software allows sales forces to gather all information about prospects, customers, sales and customer care in a single software package.

With SugarCRM it is possible to easily visualize the data with precise and customizable reports and dashboards.

Sales representatives will follow the purchasing cycle of each prospect with CRM. They will be able to write the summary of each appointment and each call, they will be able to plan all activities. The CRM is synchronized with the agenda.

Salespeople will implement good working practices to optimize all their daily activities. They will thus have better productivity and win more customers.

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CRM software for sales teams
CRM software for customer service

CRM software for customer service

Customer service is very important in a company. To maintain its customers and to ensure their satisfaction, customer service must be of good quality.

With SugarCRM software, customer service teams will have a platform to manage all customer interactions.

As soon as a customer request is made, it is then possible to follow the progress of the request processing via SugarCRM.

The customer request management platform can manage multi-channel requests. Managers will be able to easily know through dashboards the number of incoming and processed requests, processing times, etc... and thus make the necessary adjustments to continuously improve the company's organization, always to increase its productivity.

CRM software for marketing

With SugarCRM, marketing teams can easily create and track their marketing campaigns.

The software allows you to send targeted emailing campaigns, track results and take the necessary actions.All types of campaigns can be managed in SugarCRM.

On the profile of each contact it will be possible to know all the campaigns associated with it, to know its behavior.

Having all this information on a single software is also an asset for sales teams. Because they will have valuable information about their prospects and customers and will be able to make better decisions on future actions to be taken.

All campaigns and their ROI can be managed through customized reports and dashboards.

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CRM software for marketing

Captivea has been implementing SugarCRM in companies since 2009

 Captivea has been implementing SugarCRM in companies since 2009 

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