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SugarCRM software optimizes the company's work and activities.

To encourage process improvement and time saving with the use of the software, it is important to properly configure it and integrate it into the company. Before embarking on the integration of the software it is important for a company to ask itself questions about what it needs.

Our teams of experts have an effective method to implement and successfully integrate SugarCRM.

Their experience since 2009 in the implementation of SugarCRM has allowed them to acquire solid technical knowledge about the software and also solid knowledge about supporting companies beyond the technical aspect.

Understanding the company

It would be easy to think that it is enough to put CRM software in a company to optimize it. In fact, there is a lot of work to be done before the software is implemented, which consists of understanding the needs of the company, understanding the company's processes and understanding the company's objectives. Once this work of understanding and acquiring knowledge about how the company works has been completed, it is possible to configure the software and customize it correctly.

Our teams have found that the richer the exchanges and information sharing between the company and its integrator, the more similar the CRM software is to them and therefore the expected results arrive faster and are more important.

This is a step that should not be overlooked. It takes a little time before the software is implemented but saves time afterwards.

The role of the SugarCRM expert in consulting is to provide expertise on the tool and ensure that the company can get the most out of the software.

Supporting the company

The company must be supported by the SugarCRM integrator throughout the implementation of the software. The expert will configure the software and customize it. The expert will also be able to supervise additional developments if any and ensure their proper integration into SugarCRM.

To ensure the proper adoption of the SugarCRM software by users, it is important to support them in this step. The integrator will provide customized training for each type of user.

After the software has been implemented, the SugarCRM expert will be able to set up a customer support service. This will be necessary for the help in using the software but also for all requests for evolutions of the SugarCRM software.

Consulting Services by Captivea

We support companies in all stages of SugarCRM implementation. Since 2009 we are SugarCRM certified partners, which has allowed us to have a lot of knowledge and experience with the software.

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