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The key features of SugarCRM

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About SugarCRM

SugarCRM is a customer management software that allows companies to make their customer relationships extraordinary.

With all the features available on SugarCRM, sales forces have the best tools to increase the number of sales and enable the company to increase its profitability

Quote management

SugarCRM allows you to create quotes quickly and easily on an intuitive platform where you can add quotes, work in multiple currencies, and set up workflows.

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CRM Reporting & Dashboards

SugarCRM's dashboards allow you to monitor the company's commercial activity in real time. Dashboards and graphs can be customized for each user.

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CRM for Sales Forecasting

SugarCRM's sales forecasting software provides visibility into the company's performance. Following the pipeline is easy with this tool.

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‚ÄčAdvanced Workflow CRM

SugarCRM's workflow management allows many company processes to be automated. However, this module is available on the Enterprise and Ultimate versions of SugarCRM.

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Mobile CRM app

SugarCRM has a mobile application to have all the information in real time available anywhere and at any time. An advantage for salespeople on the move.

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CRM Campaign Management

SugarCRM allows you to set up targeted marketing campaigns and track them directly in the software using precise graphics.

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Email and calendar integration

SugarCRM allows you to synchronize emails and users' calendars. Thus appointments are visible in the agenda and in the CRM and important emails can be imported into the CRM.

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‚ÄčSales Lead Management

SugarCRM allows a precise management of CRM leads in order to know which leads are ready to be transferred to the sales department to be converted.

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More features

In addition to these basic functionalities for sales teams, SugarCRM software offers other functionalities such as:

  • project management,

  • team and role management,

  • support management,

  • setting up a customer portal,

  • providing a knowledge base,

  • monitoring user activities,

  • integration with social networks,

  • and integration with Gsuite.

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