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Rule number one: take care of your customers!

Rule number one: take care of your customers!

Customers are becoming more and more demanding. And that's normal, they always want to have good service, be heard, be listened to and find solutions. If a company doesn't realize the importance of its customer service, customers will quickly go to their competitor.

To enable companies to make their customer relationships extraordinary, SugarCRM offers many features. The use of CRM software allows companies to focus on their work and the customer. In order to have satisfied customers and increase the profitability of companies.

Advanced Workflow

Advanced Workflow

SugarCRM software provides an advanced workflow tool on SugarCRM Enterprise and Ultimate editions. This feature automates complex business processes.

The objective of automating a company's processes is to save employees time, increase their productivity and therefore the company's profitability.

The interface for creating workflows is intuitive and visual.

SugarCRM's customer self-service portal

SugarCRM's customer self-service portal

The SugarCRM software offers a customer portal. The objective of setting up a customer portal is to enable customers to carry out a large number of actions independently. The aim is not to give time to the company's employees. With the customer portal, customers can create tickets, download information, access a knowledge base. When a customer creates a ticket, he can then follow it until it is resolved.

Everyone benefits from using a customer portal: customers because they find their answer immediately, they do not need to make calls and go through a telephone platform and wait and see, and employees, because they save time and can focus on other more profitable activities.

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