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Odoo partner

Odoo partnership

We are an Odoo partner since 2012 and an expert in the field of enterprise management software, CRM and ERP integration since 2007.

We support our customers in the implementation of their software such as Odoo on all stages.

Captivea is an Odoo partner based in the USA and Europe with offices in Orlando (USA), Paris (France), Chambery (France), Grenoble (France).

We have customers in the United States, France and Switzerland for whom we have successfully integrated Odoo.

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Choose an Odoo partner

To set up Odoo and ensure the successful implementation of the Odoo software, it is important to use a certified and competent Odoo partner.

The Odoo partner will work with you to customize Odoo to your company, your operations, your processes.

The Odoo partner will be able to carry out the additional developments necessary for the successful integration of Odoo into your IT system.

The Odoo partner will train your teams to use Odoo.

The Odoo partner will provide you with advice on how to use your company's Odoo.

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Odoo partner USA
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Our expertise

Our role as an Odoo partner is to provide expert advice and consultation to increase the development of your company.

For us Odoo is the best business management software that will meet all the needs of all the departments of your company.

Captivea is a partner recognized by Odoo

50,000+ companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

 Join us and make your company a better place.