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Odoo software offers a CRM application that is fully integrated with all company data and other Odoo applications.

  • Lead management

  • Business management

  • Sales forecasts

  • Opportunities management

  • Customers management

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Increase the efficiency of your sales force

with Odoo CRM

To improve and facilitate the work of your sales force, the Odoo CRM application offers a modern, intuitive and easy-to-use user interface that can be used both on a fixed or mobile workstation.

Lead management

with Odoo CRM

Lead management via nurturing (automatic email campaigns based on lead behaviour). Lead tracking via a scoring system. Distribution of new leads to the sales team with the implementation of assignment rules.

Opportunities management

with Odoo CRM

All business activities are managed directly in the odoo CRM application, which also provides a clear view of the pipeline.

Customers management

with Odoo CRM

All customer data is stored in the Odoo CRM application with a complete history of all activities and actions related to the customer.


with Odoo CRM

From a detailed deshboards it is easy to follow the sales evolution.

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