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Support and consulting to ensure the success of your odoo project

Why use Odoo Consulting Services?

Why use Odoo Consulting Services?

To ensure the success of the Odoo implementation project and to obtain the most benefit from the Odoo software, we recommended our expertise and consulting services to our clients.

Even if Odoo is simple to use and intuitive, it is important to set it up correctly so that it works according to the company's needs.

The role of Odoo consulting services is to support companies in all stages of the implementation of their business management software: definition of needs, software configuration, data migration, user training, support.

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How to choose an odoo consultant?

The choice of the Odoo consultant is very important to successfully implement Odoo and grow your business.

The criteria to be taken into account to have the best Odoo consulting are:

  • the experience of the consultant Odoo

  • the type of companies supported by the consultant

  • the developers made available for the realization of the project

  • the availability of the consultant to quickly carry out the Odoo project

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How to choose an odoo consultant?
Captivea, Odoo partner

Captivea, Odoo partner

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Captivea is an expert in Odoo consulting and has been helping companies since 2007 with their CRM and ERP projects, with Odoo and also with other business management software.

Captivea is an Odoo partner and has the best method to implement Odoo in companies and increase their productivity.

Captivea intervenes to define needs, configure Odoo, make additional developments if necessary, train users, and carry out follow-up with rigorous and responsive customer support.

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