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With 27,000 + apps available, This Open Source ERP covers all your business needs in a one-stop solution: no more forced integrations between different software and applications. Odoo apps are perfectly integrated within the ERP, allowing you to fully automate and take control of your business processes.   

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Amazing Features

When it comes to business management software features, the ones found in the Odoo Open Source ERP are nothing short of amazing.

The Odoo suite of open source business apps offers many features to cover virtually all business needs. With more being regularly developed here are more than 24,000 applications available on the software app store and many more being regularly developed.

With a very interesting functional scope, Odoo is becoming a well-referenced name on the ERP software marketplace.

Competitive Pricing 

This Open Source ERP is an affordable business management software because it already comes ready for use as is, or almost ready for use.

The software will of course require payment of the costs related to software licensing (which are low compared to other major names in business management software), The cost of integration must also be taken into consideration and will vary based on the cost of the integrator at hand. The price of integration will be subject to the processes and specifications of each company.

However, because Odoo's platform makes it easy to customize the software, these costs are able to remain quite reasonable in comparison to other business management software.

Ergonomic and Flexible

Odoo's ease of use is reflected in its ergonomics and the way it organizes information. Its famous drag and drop features make it easy to create web pages and email marketing content. This feature also makes it fast and easy to manage and move data in the ERPs database by moving them from one status to another.

Odoo receives updates regularly, and with each new version of the software, there are add-ons and new features or improvements. The software developers are always integrating the latest innovations on the market to offer users and businesses a professional tool in line with the rest of the world of new technologies and software. It is an Open Source software that gives us access to all the customization we could ever need.

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$ 125 .00

/ Month Per User
  • 22,000 Customers Around The World
  • 312 apps in SuiteApp
  • Limited Customization
  • Annual Only Billing Cycle


$ 20 .00

/ Month Per User
  • Over 5 Million Users
  • 27,776 Apps In Odoo Apps
  • Highly Customizable
  • Monthly or Annual Billing Cycle 

Microsoft Dynamics 

$ 113.00

/ Month Per User
  • Over 3.8 Million User
  • Fully Integrated With Microsoft Office Suite
  • limited customization
  • Annually Only Billing Cycle

Odoo Gold Partner: Captivea

Our expertise for your company

With over 13 years of experience, we have successfully supported many companies in the integration of their ERP integrations.
All our consultants are certified and we are a Gold Odoo Partner.

Business Analysis
We discover your needs and define how to address them.

Installation of open source ERP software and business apps.

Adaptation of the software to the needs of your company.

Customized user training to promote rapid software adoption.

Customer support to meet all customer requests.

Development of special features and additional modules for Odoo Apps.

About Odoo Gold Partner Captivea

Founded in 2007, we are a premier Odoo provider with the goal of supporting and adding value to company information systems. Captivea now has a staff of nearly 40 employees located in Los Angeles, Orlando (USA) and Chambéry, Grenoble and Paris (France).

The company operates in 2 major areas. The first being the integration of business management software through the use of ERP, CRM, marketing automation and business intelligence software. The second area includes the development of tailor-made solutions and applications in addition to the implementation of e-commerce sites.

Captivea partners with the software provider to offer its clients powerful market software solutions that are flexible, easy to deploy and simple to use. The software is then customized to meet the specific needs of each client. Thanks to over 200 clients, ranging from SMEs to major corporations across various industries, Captivea has developed real-world expertise and a solid understanding of business issues over the years. Our goal: to develop added value! Our method: to put people at the heart of the project and to build a sustainable, trust-based relationship with its clients. Captivea is a team of passionate professionals dedicated to servicing your information system!

Official Odoo Partner

Captivea is a Gold partner and Best starter Americas 2019.

13 Years of Experience 

In business apps and management software deployment

Over 200 Projects

Over 200  Successful projects (medium and large companies)  

Project Method

Captivea uses a proven project method made to succeed in all Projects

50,000+ companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

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