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Odoo Thousands of applications

Thousands of applications

The ERP or Odoo business management software is a software that allows you to improve your organization and increase your profitability.

The software has standard applications (which can be customized) that meet a wide range of business needs.

And Odoo has the particularity of offering thousands of applications to install in addition to further customize its software.

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Standard Odoo applications

Odoo's so-called standard applications make it possible to cover a large number of business needs.

All departments of a company are satisfied with the use of Odoo because their processes can be managed with the software.

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Here is the list of applications integrated in Odoo:

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Odoo - Website Apps

Website Apps

Allows to manage all the online interactions of a company: website builder, trade, blog, forum, live chat, appointment

Odoo - Sales Apps

Sales Apps

Allows to manage all the interactions of the sales department: CRM, point of sale, sales management, subscriptions

Odoo - Finance Apps

Finance Apps

Allows to manage all the interactions of the financial department: invoices, accounting, expenses

Odoo - Operations Apps

Operations Apps

Allows to manage all interactions of the operations department: inventory, stocks, company, timesheets, project management, helpdesk

Odoo - Manufactoring Apps

Manufactoring Apps

Allows to manage all the interactions of the manufacturing department: MRP, PLM, Equipment, Quality

Odoo - Human Ressources Apps

Human Ressources Apps

Allows to manage all the interactions of the human resources department: recruitment, employees, appraisal, leaves

Odoo - Communications Apps

Communications Apps

Allows to manage all interactions with customers thanks to the discuss and e-signature application

Odoo - Marketing Apps

Marketing Apps

Allows to manage all the activities of the marketing department: marketing automations, mass mailing, events, survey

Complementary Odoo applications

To go further with Odoo, thousands of applications are available.

These applications developed for Odoo make it possible to complete the business management software if necessary.

All you have to do is find the application you are looking for in the catalogue.

For example, there are applications for the following areas: Accounting, Discuss, Document management, e-commerce, Humain ressources, Industries, Localization, Manufacturing, Marketing, Point of sales, Productivity, Project, Purchases, Sales, Warehouse, Website.

If you can't find the right application, contact your Odoo integrator who can develop a new application for you.

Complementary Odoo applications

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