Mautic vs Hubspot

How to choose the right automation marketing software for your company?

Your company is about to implement anautomation marketing softwarebut you have not yet made a choice among all the automation marketing software on the market?

What are the differences between Mautic and Hubspot? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

differences between mautic and hubspot


Mautic is a recent software that dates from 2014, it is oriented to be used in BtoB and BtoC by small, medium and large companies. Currently Mautic has a user community of +50,000 companies.


Hubspot was created in 2005, it is a software with more experience. It is for companies in B to B. There are 34,000 Hubspot customers in 90 countries and 3400 partner agencies.

Basics Features Mautic

Mautic allows you to build workflows in the form of a tree structure. The workflow tool is easy to use.

Mautic allows you to manage the scoring thanks to a system of points allocated according to specific actions. Points can be managed from campaigns or via a dedicated space.

Mautic allows to set up a tracking system that allows to know the behaviour of contacts on the website, via emails. It also allows to track IP addresses.

To better target its contacts, Mautic allows segmentation according to defined criteria. A Html editor is available with Mautic to layout newsletters and landing pages. But there is also an interface to layout the newsletters and landing page with a system of blocks that you have to drag and drop.

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Basics Features Hubspot

With Hubspot, scenario and campaign management is easy to handle with a well-managed overview.

Scoring management is easy to manage with default models or self-built models.

The tracking system is the same as for Mautic. 

Hubspot also allows you to segment the base for better, well-targeted marketing performance. An Html editor is also available and allows you to create templates.

Integration with CRM

Integration with CRM

Both automation marketing software can be integrated with CRM. This is an essential asset of automation marketing software because it is necessary to be able to work with data.

Sales teams can thus take over and manage their activities directly in the CRM.

With Hubsport the integration is perfect with Hubspot CRM but it becomes more complex if you want to integrate it with other CRM software.

Mautic is more easily integrated into any CRM software because Mautic is open source.

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