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Why implement an automation marketing software?

The way marketing departments work has changed. Consumers have changed their purchasing habits and behaviour. It is therefore important to integrate these changes into companies and to adapt work processes, to make the right decisions.

To enable this, it is essential for companies to have modern tools and software adapted to these new ways of working, prospecting and communicating.

The automation marketing software will allow to have a very good follow-up of prospects and customers, to be able to identify them as quickly as possible, to know their needs, to know in which stage of the purchasing process they are in.

It is an intelligent tool that allows marketing and sales teams to have a lot of relevant information in order to win more business, to increase the company's profitability.

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Why implement an automation marketing software?

Scenario and campaign management

The Marketing automation software allows you to set up marketing campaign scenarios according to the activity carried out by the contact. Depending on the action (reading an email, visiting a landing page, visiting a product page of the website, etc...), the software sets up a campaign.

These campaigns can be used to relaunch leads, close a sale, give interesting content to a lead, etc....



To know where the lead is in its purchasing cycle, the automation marketing software assigns points to the lead according to the actions it takes. The marketing team defines the actions and corresponding points according to their importance.

For example, the software can assign 5 points per page of the website visited, 10 points for an email read, 10 points for a click in an email, etc.... The software also allows you to remove points when the lead no longer shows interest in the company's services, for example: minus 5 points if the contact has not opened an email for 1 month. These scores are assigned according to the needs of the company.



The automation marketing software allows you to know the history of the actions performed by a contact: the web pages visited, the emails read, the links clicked, the forms completed, the time spent on each page, the time spent on the website, etc....

This information is very useful to the sales department, which can know exactly what the contact is interested in and what arguments can be put forward.


Segmentation of contacts

The automation marketing software allows the database to be segmented according to customizable criteria. Indeed, it is possible to send an email campaign to a certain part of the database easily.

Segmenting makes it possible to communicate the right information to the right people at the right time.


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Captivea supports companies in the implementation of marketing automation software: installation, configuration, customization and integration with the rest of the information system.

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