Choosing an ERP Solution is a big decision. You want to find the ERP software that suits the needs and expectations of your company. Every company is different and has different needs, different processes and different objectives. Choosing an ERP system can be broken down into 5 critical factors. 

 Accessing The Current State Of Your Organization 
Understanding the technical implications of ERP

Determining the total cost of an ERP and your budget

Figuring out the Desired Scalability of your ERP System
 Determine flexibility and, function

When should you use an ERP solution? 

Your business uses several different programs or applications to run its operations. Data in your business is isolated and duplicated across multiple platforms. The opening-closing and operating between several different platforms slows down the speed of daily activities. You’d like to have better organization, more insight and improved efficiency for your operations.

If any of this is true for your business then you may want to look for an ERP solution.  

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