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Odoo is the business management software that adapts to all companies. Since 2004, this software has been constantly evolving and now offers a complete suite of applications to manage all the operations of a company.

It is a scalable ERP that integrates sales, customer management, website creation, accounting, warehouses and inventory management, and more...

Official Odoo applications

Odoo offers a range of official applications that cover the needs of companies in different departments.

All applications are integrated with each other, making it easy to share data, saving time and of course increasing profitability.

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Official Odoo applications

Official applications proposed by Odoo

Odoo apps to increase sales

Odoo - CRM


Odoo's CRM is customer-centric: lead tracking, business and sales tracking, activity planning (calls, meetings, mailing, quotes,...).


Odoo - Point of Sales

Point of Sales

The point of sale application is used on many terminals (tablets, laptops, industrial machines,...) and allows to set up loyalty programs and monitor inventory management.


Odoo - Sales


Odoo allows you to make online quotes from the proposal to the signature: creation of templates, sending to the customer, e-signature, online payment.


Odoo apps interconnected between services

Odoo - Project


Project management with the odoo apps is carried out by monitoring in a modern interface that allows you to organize tasks, schedules and deadlines, plan and analyze by tracking everyone's workload.


Odoo - Timesheet


Odoo's timesheet apps allow you to manage activities and manpower to monitor the work and progress of teams, to ensure the profitability of projects and to be able to invoice customers for time sheets.


Odoo - Helpdesk


The Odoo Helpdesk app allows you to set up a quality customer service and support with an interface to track tickets.


Odoo apps to rationalize operations

Odoo - Inventory


Odoo's inventory app allows you to optimize warehouse organization, set up automatic replenishment and track all inventory movements.


Odoo - MRP


The MRP application supports actual manufacturing times, displays worksheets and sets up alerts.


Odoo - Purchase


With Odoo's purchase application it is easy to manage all suppliers and purchase orders.


Odoo apps to build websites

Odoo - Website Builder

Website Builder

With Odoo's CMS it is easy to create websites simply with the ability to drag and drop and set up CTAs, tracking tools, contact forms.


Odoo - eCommerce


With the odoo ecommerce apps it is easy to set up an online store and integrate it with the rest of your odoo apps such as stocks, invoices, sales.


Odoo apps to manage your finance

Odoo - Invoicing


With odoo's invoicing apps it is possible to manage contracts to create recurring invoices and invoice timesheets.


Odoo - eCommerce


Odoo's accounting application is synchronized with bank statements and allows you to create invoices, check supplier invoices, etc.


Odoo apps to grow your marketing actions

Odoo -  Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Odoo's email marketing application allows you to create, send and track the sending of emails with an easy-to-use interface, precise segmentation of recipients.


Odoo - Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

The automation marketing integrated in Odoo allows to create automatic campaigns, create customer paths, automate email sending.


Odoo Apps store

If all these applications are not enough, it is also possible to add to Odoo a large number of applications that are available on the Odoo apps store.

Some applications are free and others are not free.

There are more than 10,000 apps available on the Odoo platform that are all integrated with each other.

Discover Odoo apps store

Odoo Apps store

50,000+ companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

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