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Reduce the signature steps

With the IT tools currently available on the market, it has become essential to modernise the way companies work. It is therefore essential to set up electronic signature software.

Electronic signature software is a very good way to save time for many people in a company. Think of all the documents that require a signature.

This means printing the document, finding a pen on your desk, signing the document, scanning the document, returning the document, archiving the document.

All these steps are eliminated by using electronic signature software.

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Reduce the signature steps
Online document signatures for sales teams

Online document signatures for sales teams

With an electronic signature tool, sales teams can accelerate the sales cycle. The sales representative can make the estimate online in a few clicks and then send it to the customer for validation.The customer can sign the quote directly from his computer, tablet or smartphone.

The sales representative can follow in real time all the steps of his quotation. He knows when the customer reads the quotation and knows when he signs it. This information is important in the case of dunning when the customer does not sign.

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