How to use Odoo apps?

Thousands of apps available for the Odoo software.

Odoo software is a business management software that allows you to manage all departments of the company in one place.

The software has many advantages. It is simple to use, intuitive and modern. It is reliable and powerful. It is modular. He can follow the evolution of the company. It can be adapted to the needs of the company. It is perfect for small, medium or large companies. It is used by companies in all sectors of activity. It is multi-lingual and multi-currency.

It is economical compared to other equivalent software.

Standard Odoo applications

Standard Odoo applications

Odoo is a modular software, for each need there is an application. Odoo has developed and implemented basic applications for its software. In these applications there are tools such as CRM, point of sale management, sales management, project management, helpdesk, inventory management, finance, marketing actions, etc....

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Odoo Apps store

Odoo Apps store

There are thousands of applications available for Odoo in the apps store. Simply download the application and install it on your Odoo software to access new features.

Discover Odoo Apps store >>

Odoo apps

An Odoo application can be installed in a few clicks.

If the application you want does not yet exist, you need to use an Odoo integrator partner who can assist you in the development of this new application and the implementation of Odoo.

Captivea has implemented Odoo and developed Odoo modules for many companies. Captivea is an Odoo partner since 2012 and support companies in their business management software projects since 2007.

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