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The EU deploys a new regulation about data privacy and therefore your company must be compliant with this regulation to sell in the European market. Odoo is GDPR compliant.

Since May 2018 the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been valid in Europe. The ERP software publisher Odoo has obviously followed the road towards GDPR compliance, but it is not enough to have a software called "GDPR compliant" to ensure the GDPR compliance of its organization. You really have to be careful about the features offered.

The Odoo software thus provides tools that allow access to GDPR compliance, while also implementing good personal data management practices.

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Odoo ERP and the right to access and/or modify data

GDPR stipulates that it is necessary to allow his contacts to access, consult and also to be able to easily modify his data.

Odoo ERP software now provides tools to access and update personal information on a self-service basis (and to synchronize this with the rest of the information system).

Indeed with the Odoo customer portal it is possible and easy to give access to data: address, surname, first name, invoices, quotes, orders, etc....

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Odoo ERP and the right to access and/or modify data

Odoo ERP and the right to forget

The second important point of the GDPR concerns the right to have data forgotten by a supplier, organisation, company, store or e-commerce site.

Indeed, the GDPR defines a given period of time during which an organisation has the right to retain personal data (depending on the purpose) and the text also provides that a person may request the deletion of his/her personal data.

There are therefore several reasons that can lead to the deletion of data and it is therefore essential to be able to manage it via your business management software (such as Odoo).

It will therefore be easy to delete a contact in Odoo and the system will be able, before the deletion, to check that it is not at the heart of an ongoing business operation, in which case the system will report it.

On the other hand, if there is no reason to keep the data of a contact who requests it, it will therefore be necessary (and mandatory) to delete it.

However, Odoo offers another alternative which is the anonymization of the contact. The contact will be modified and the data anonymous, it will be impossible to recognize the contact. Once anonymized, the data are no longer considered as personal data.

Odoo ERP and obtaining consent

Odoo ERP and obtaining consent

With the new GDPR legislation, explicit consent will be required to contact users.

Via Odoo, it is possible to install on the website a checkbox specific to the collection of consent and to associate this information with the corresponding contact on the Odoo software.

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Odoo ERP and withdrawal of consent

By sending emailings via Odoo, it will be possible to manage the withdrawal of users' consent through a standard unsubscribe link. But don't worry, users can still continue to receive the communications essential to the proper functioning of the commercial relationship, such as invoices, personal emails, etc... 

Odoo ERP and privacy

With Odoo it is possible to restrict and control access to data according to the role of each user. It is also possible to introduce notions of registration rules in order to further refine access to personal data.

This means that it will be possible to restrict access to certain documents according to any criteria based on the value of the fields. These recording rules can block read or write operations.

To secure the personal data contained in Odoo, password management is also an essential criterion. Indeed, Odoo stores the password with a secure hash. It is also possible to combine external authentication systems.

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Odoo ERP and Human Resources

Employee personal data contained in Odoo is also sensitive data that is subject to the GDPR.

This data such as employee contracts, employee contact information, etc. will only be visible to HR staff.

Odoo is therefore a software that makes it easy to comply with and implement the best practices of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) within a company.

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