Find a SugarCRM partner

A SugarCRM partner to support you in your SugarcRM project

It's decided you will integrate SugarCRM to make your customer relationships extraordinary! Now you need to find the SugarCRM partner who will work with you to make this project a success!

There are many integrators on the market, what are the points to consider when choosing the best partner for your CRM software project?

The partner's experience

The partner's experience

To ensure the success of the CRM project, the integrator you will be working with must have experience with SugarCRM software. With this experience he will be able to advise you, guide you for the realization of the project. And he will be able to carry out the configuration and developments on the tool.

With this technical and consulting experience, it is to ensure the success of sugarCRM's successful integration into your company.

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The type of customers

If the integrator has already supported companies that have the same sector of activity as yours or that are the same size as your company, this will be an advantage for the implementation of your sugarcrm software.

Indeed, the SugarCRM partner will be able to better advise you and adapt the software to your activity with the experience he has acquired with his previous clients.

So do not hesitate to ask the SugarCRM expert for references on projects already completed.

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The type of sugarcrm customers

Captivea is an experienced sugarcrm partner (since 2009) who has carried out more than 150 SugarCRM projects with different types of companies.

Captivea is a team of 30 people with offices in the USA and France that work for companies that want to implement SugarCRM software.

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