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ERP software

An ERP software allows to manage the company. It will bring together the functionalities necessary for the proper management of the company such as accounting management, commercial management, inventory management.

The ERP covers a wide range of functionalities and centralizes the entire company database.

ERP generally saves time, optimizes processes and thus increases business profitability.

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ERP software

Set up an ERP system

Before setting up an ERP system, you have to ask yourself what the company needs, what are the essential functionalities.

We must also think about the future and always think that the company will evolve, so the software must also evolve.

To help you in the deployment, configuration and integration of ERP, it is better to use the services of ERP professionals.

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Captivea supports companies in the implementation of business management software (since 2007). Captivea's consulting services enable companies to implement the best ERP software they need.

Captivea integrates, sets parameters and customizes the ERP. Captivea trains users in ERP. Captivea provides support and after-sales service to its customers for ERP.

Setting up an ERP in Florida

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