Electronic Signature Software: How did it become essential for sales teams?

Electronic signature software is a must-have tool for sales forces

Save time to increase turnover

Save time to increase turnover

The common point for all companies, whether large or small, is to increase their profitability.

For this reason, one factor that increases profitability is time saving.

It is therefore important to ask yourself the question about the points on which the company can save time.

There is a tool that not only saves sales teams time, but also allows them to close more deals. It is a tool that has become essential for sales teams, allowing them to increase the number of sales: it is the electronic signature software.

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Electronic signature software, how it works?

The electronic signature software allows documents or contracts to be signed online and on any type of device.

All the sales representative has to do is create his contract online with all the information relating to the sale. It is easy to set up and create with a drag and drop system.

When the contract is ready, it must be sent to the client for them to read and sign online.

The online signature software allows you to follow the status of the document live.

Indeed, the sales representative can know if the customer has read the email, if he has opened the contract and finally if the customer has signed the document online.

Electronic signature software, how it works?

Reduce the signature steps

With the IT tools currently available on the market, it has become essential to modernise the way companies work. It is therefore essential to set up electronic signature software.

Electronic signature software is a very good way to save time for many people in a company. Think of all the documents that require a signature.

This means printing the document, finding a pen on your desk, signing the document, scanning the document, returning the document, archiving the document.

All these steps are eliminated by using electronic signature software.

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Reduce the signature steps
electronic signature software help you win more business?

Why does electronic signature software help you win more business?

The electronic signature saves everyone time. It's more convenient, it's easy to use.

In addition, with this tool, it is no longer necessary to print contracts, purchase orders, sign them manually, scan them and send them back to the sender.

With the document status tracking feature, it is possible for the sales representative to dun a customer who has read the document but has not yet signed it.

The reminders can be adapted according to the action taken by the customer.

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Online document signatures for sales teams

Online document signatures for sales teams

With an electronic signature tool, sales teams can accelerate the sales cycle. The sales representative can make the estimate online in a few clicks and then send it to the customer for validation.The customer can sign the quote directly from his computer, tablet or smartphone.

The sales representative can follow in real time all the steps of his quotation. He knows when the customer reads the quotation and knows when he signs it. This information is important in the case of dunning when the customer does not sign.

Odoo electronic signature management

An electronic signature management tool integrated into business management software

For companies it is important to be always more efficient. To increase a company's performance, it is necessary to implement tools that allow it to save time.

With Odoo, a business management software, there are many applications that allow companies to save time and increase productivity.

With millions of users worldwide and thousands of applications on the Odoo apps store, this business management software can meet all of a company's needs.

And Odoo offers an application for managing electronic signatures.

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Electronic signature of sales contracts

Odoo's electronic signature application saves time for companies, especially sales teams.Indeed, sales representatives can send their offers directly by email and the customer can sign electronically.

Contracts are quickly formatted in a few clicks and then sent to the customer. The sales representative can then track the status of his contract and see if the customer has opened the mail, if he has consulted the contract and if he has signed it.

Everyone is buying time. With an electronic signature tool it is no longer necessary to print, sign, scan or return contracts. All contract information is available from the devices online.

Electronic signature of sales contracts
secure document management

Management of documents signed with the electronic signature application

All documents created with Odoo are stored directly in the Odoo software in a secure way. Contracts, legal documents, etc. are stored securely.

The documents are accessible online by all users who have the right to consult them.

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Odoo's electronic signature app is easy to use for the company and also for customers. And it is also integrated with the rest of Odoo's applications.

Odoo is a business management software that manages sales forces (CRM apps), marketing, inventory, HR, etc.....

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