CRM Integration

CRM Integration by Captivea

Captivea deploys CRM and ERP software for your company. We do CRM integration for our customers for 11 years and we deploy more than 150 CRM. In order to do a CRM integration, we can use 2 methods depending on the size of your company and your requirements. 

CRM Integration for small company and simple needs

When we deploy a CRM for a small company, we adopt a pragmatic method in order to stay on the short budget and to help in the best way the company. In this case, we work on agile and direct method. We work close to the client team project for train them and customize the software directly with the client. With the client, we define a number of support day on site or on remote to help at the CRM integration. The minimum can be just one day until ten or twenty days.

CRM Integration for medium and big company and more sophisticated need

In this case, we use our method called STELAR for succeed the CRM Integration.

méthode STELAR

Method for CRM Integration

S as Solid: We have 12 years of experience in CRM Integration

T as Target: We define together the keys point for succeed your CRM integration

E as Efficient: We bring you value with the software and with our experience

L as Lean: We are focus our the essential for the company

A as Adoption: It's a key success point for your CRM Integration

R as ROI: Because you do a CRM Integration to have a Return Of Investment 

Step for a CRM Integration

Step for a CRM Integration

With STELAR Method we do all this step :

  • Define and Design: We work on your need, we bring you value

  • Implement and Deploy: We install the software and we do all the customisations

  • Train and Start: We train your team and we do the go live for your CRM

  • Launch and Support: We support the users to be sure they adopt the software

  • Measure and Adapt : We Measure your ROI and we prepare together the next step

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