CRM in business management software

The customer management software that is integrated into the business management software for better data sharing and use.

In companies, sales teams use a CRM to organize their activities, monitor their prospects and customers, make their reminders, know the history of customers. These tools make it possible to establish a good relationship with its customers and prospects in order to provide quality work, a good image of the company and improve the results of the sales representatives by increasing the business gained.

A large part of the communication with customers goes through CRM but a recurring problem obscures all this work: that of sharing data and customer knowledge between the company's departments.

Indeed, customer relations can be poorer if cohesion between services is not the best. To overcome this problem, companies have several options, either to create gateways between the different software used (CRM, ERP, Production, etc...) or to choose a software that integrates all the functionalities of each service and allows a sharing of customer data.

The all-in-one software

The all-in-one software

For a few years now, business management software has been making headlines. It's Odoo. This enterprise management software works in the form of applications, modules that can be installed according to the needs and requirements of the company.

The major advantage of this tool is that it brings together all the company's departments. All data can be easily moved from one department to another. This facilitates internal work: saving time and productivity.

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A better customer relationship

The use of this all-in-one CRM software allows sales teams to find information on customer history relating to invoices, support, after sales service, current requests, etc....

As soon as the customer is in contact with the company through any department, he feels that the company takes him into consideration and takes good care of him

These are arguments, important assets when the sales representative wishes to make additional sales to a customer. A satisfied customer is a customer who continues to place orders with the same company and recommends it..

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A better customer relationship

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Odoo is a software that allows sales forces to have a reliable and powerful CRM software to organize their prospecting, customer follow-up and win more business.

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