What to expect from a good business management software?
21 November, 2018 by
What to expect from a good business management software?
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Business management software is no longer the preserve of large companies. More and more medium-sized businesses are taking the plunge, in order to benefit from the power of these tools also called ERP. Publishers are therefore developing more and more management software for this target group.

The problem is that it gives you a lot of options today and it is difficult to compare. In this article, we would therefore like to propose a list to you to determine which characteristics you must absolutely take into account. Follow the guide....

Step 1 - Basic functionalities

Step 1 - Basic functionalities

You can expect different things from an business management software like Odoo. However, there are some features that we would call "basic", which are essential in short. Here is what the management software you choose must absolutely cover:

  • CRM module: sales force management, marketing actions, after-sales service...

  • Commercial management module: quotations, invoices...

  • Accounting module: customer accounting, fixed assets...

  • Logistics module: stocks, transport...Purchasing brick: supplier management...

  • HR module: recruitment, holidays...

  • Project Management module:  planning, resources....

  • MRP (Production Resource Management) module: load plans....

In any case, choosing an ERP is strategic for your company. It is really necessary to step back and think about your real needs. Consult your teams, get challenged by specialists in the sector: it will only be beneficial for the future.

Step 2 - Modularity and evolution

Step 2 - Modularity and evolution

In addition to the functionalities mentioned above, your future business management software must be scale able. Indeed, your company is constantly evolving, so is your sector. You must be able to easily adapt your management software package to the movements inherent in business life.

The goal is not to get stuck with software that will be obsolete in 5 years. Choosing an ERP software where adding modules can be done easily. If you want to integrate HR management next year, it must be possible.

Be careful also with the choice of the publisher: it must be a dynamic, reliable and forward-looking company, which will be able to offer you the latest technological innovations to increase your performance.

Step 3 - Technical specifications on demand

Step 3 - Technical specifications on demand

A business management software aims to bring good practices within your company, it must adapt to your company, and not the other way around. It can serve as an organizational basis, but must be able to be modified to fit as closely as possible to your activity, your needs, and your practices...

In addition, choose software that allows you to choose between SaaS (online software) and On-Premise (installed software). Both have their advantages and disadvantages, so it will be up to you to make your choice.

Also think about your existing tools. It is important that the connections between your ERP and your information system can be made without problems. Make sure of that and ask an business management software integrator if you have any doubts.

Another important point: is the technology implemented open or standard? Can you have specific modules developed if you wish?

Step 4 - A crucial partner: the integrator

Step 4 - A crucial partner: the integrator

As you have noticed, there are many questions to ask yourself when choosing your business management software. To ensure the success of your ERP project, it is best to use a specialized integrator well in advance.

He will guide you and challenge you so that you can fully express your needs. It can help to remove the obstacles linked to change management through internal pedagogy and training, for example. In short, your integrator will be a very valuable ally in carrying out this project with its many challenges.

To put it simply, your future integrator will bring you his expertise, his methodology in order to lead your project to success. He will be there to support you, remove any possible obstacles, establish specifications with you, set up a clear provisional schedule...

He is the guarantor of the success of your ERP implementation. With him at your side, you will be able to embark serenely on this beautiful adventure....

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