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Odoo integration: time to call a superhero!

Celia Jay
February 2020 — 250 views ERP Odoo odoo integration

Supercharge Your Subscription-Based Services!

Celia Jay
February 2020 — 276 views ERP Odoo Subscription-Based Services odoo roadshow

Project management: Putting together agility and productivity

Celia Jay
February 2020 — 183 views ERP Odoo Project management

Inventory management: how to improve profitability and reliability?

Celia Jay
February 2020 — 170 views ERP Inventory management Odoo

Odoo ERP advantages unwrapped!

Captivea LLC, Desi Csorba
February 2020 — 190 views ERP Helpdesk Odoo POS human resources sales web design

E-commerce and marketplace : Odoo makes your life easier

Celia Jay
February 2020 — 245 views CRM E-commerce ERP Odoo

Transitioning from CRM to ERP: who can you trust?

Captivea LLC, Sébastien RISS
February 2020 — 276 views CRM ERP Odoo data management

Captivea heading to New York for Odoo Roadshow

Celia Jay
January 2020 — 211 views ERP Odoo odoo roadshow

What if you could do without your CRM?

Captivea LLC, Desi Csorba
January 2020 — 291 views CRM ERP Odoo data

Sales Director & CFO: bringing them back together with ERP

Celia Jay
January 2020 — 234 views CRM ERP Odoo data

ERP or CRM: who is the data master?

Captivea LLC, Sébastien RISS
January 2020 — 252 views CRM ERP Odoo data

5 good reasons to connect your CRM and ERP

Captivea LLC, Desi Csorba
January 2020 — 265 views CRM ERP Odoo

Sales management: how to improve efficiency?

Captivea LLC, Desi Csorba
December 2019 — 250 views ERP Odoo

Odoo roadshow in Denver with Captivea

Celia Jay
December 2019 — 211 views Odoo

A well-established event organization with Odoo

Cody McClure
December 2019 — 107 views ERP Odoo

Odoo presents its new version in San Diego with Captivea

Celia Jay
December 2019 — 173 views Odoo

Digital Transformation With Odoo: an ERP Made For You?

Captivea LLC, Sébastien RISS
December 2019 — 319 views Odoo

Captivea attends the next Odoo roadshow in Los Angeles

Celia Jay
December 2019 — 185 views Odoo

Change Management: an ERP That Adapts and Transforms You

Captivea LLC, Desi Csorba
December 2019 — 180 views ERP Odoo

What's new in Odoo - V13

Captivea France, Célia JAY
November 2019 — 198 views Odoo