Why to invest in Customer Service Software

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Desi Csorba

The customer service of a company is at the heart of its organization. Indeed, with a good service, your customers will be much more likely to recommend your products or services. It's also a great way to detect cross-selling opportunities or gather feedback as part of a continuous improvement process.   Moreover, it is an undeniable competitive advantage: what a joy to be able to boast a customer satisfaction rate of more than 95%!   Of course all this is possible only with a tool worthy of the name ... Here are the main reasons to get a good software for managing customer support .

Improve customer satisfaction and benefit from it

Professionalizing the management of customer service with dedicated software brings many benefits and first and foremost, an increase in satisfaction, a priority indicator for any company. Indeed, thanks to a centralization of incoming requests, it becomes much easier to follow a request, avoid duplication/repetition, and respond quickly.

It is also possible, and highly recommended, to set up self help tools such as FAQs, self help forums, diagnostic applications, etc. Thanks to them easy issues can be resolved only real problematic requests go back to the customer service teams. Everyone wins: customers get a quick and clear answer to their questions,  technicians are no longer polluted by recurring questions.  

Improving customer satisfaction is a great thing, but measuring it accurately is even better. With a good customer service software, tracking this indicator is very easy thanks to the automation of monthly reports.  Then, why not capitalize on this great progress by communicating internally to enhance the teams, and of course externally to differentiate yourself from the competition?!

Have quality customer data to adjust your strategy

To control its commercial strategy, marketing, and more generally the customer relationship as a whole, it is essential to have quality data . However, it is not always easy to compile customer feedback, especially because of the diversity of incoming channels and the multiplicity of interlocutors (sales department, marketing department, support technician ...). Consolidation reports that provide a 360 ° view of the customer become a daunting task.

Thanks to a powerful customer service software solution, these problems will be a distant memory. All customer data is hosted in a single repository . The interactions are traced: a response to an email from the marketing department, a call from a sales representative, an open support ticket ... Everything appears in the customer card.

Decrease turnover in customer service

One of the recurring problems of the Customer Service Managers: the turnover of the teams . But why do they all go out of their way? Do they imagine that the grass is greener elsewhere? And if they were right? The competing company may be equipped with a real customer service management tool making their days much more pleasant...

The technicians in charge of collecting the requests certainly do not have the simplest position. They are on the front lines when customers are dissatisfied and they are also angry at salespeople when they have bad customer service feedback, need to handle a lot of requests and so much more.

By putting an intuitive and ergonomic customer service software in their hands, it will be very easy for them to automate a large part of the time-consuming and unrewarding tasks. They will also be able to respond better and faster to customers ... which will save them a lot of trouble. 


Benefit from additional growth lever

The last argument we want to put forward is that these customer support software are additional growth levers , at lower cost. Indeed, it is possible to find SaaS customer service management solutions at very attractive rates. Well accompanied, their deployment takes little time and teams can be operational quickly. The ROI is extremely interesting.

In addition, these software, through the extraction of data can  help to identify potential business opportunities. Touching new mass markets is now possible with ease thanks to the introduction of self care tools. In short, a world of possibilities is at your fingertips.