Why set up marketing automation?

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Before we even understand why it would be useful for you to use marketing automation, let's take a look at its meaning. Marketing automation makes sense in a context of digital transformation and strengthening of the marketing function. In order to be more efficient, some tasks can be automated using dedicated software. For those who have already adopted it, its usefulness is no longer to be proven. For the others, let's come back to the reasons for choosing automation marketing.

Inbound Marketing Strategy

For an Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound Marketing now allows many sales departments to work on qualified contact files. This strategy allows you to identify leads and know if they are more or less advanced in the sales tunnel and then convert them into loyal customers.

To do this, you must "feed" these leads with content adapted to the phase of the buying process in which they are located. This is called lead nurturing.

Marketing automation allows you to segment your database and send the right content to the right person, in an automated way.

No need to set aside time in your calendar to send your emails: everything is programmed in advance. The time saved can be used for other tasks with higher added value.

In addition, as your contacts progress through their maturation cycle, they will evolve in your predefined segments. Thanks to scoring, you will know that a prospect has downloaded a white paper, opened your recent emailings and visited your "Rates" page several times. It will therefore be time to forward this contact to your sales team.

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To "increase" CRM

Marketing automation is not only a tool for marketers: on the contrary, it is also used by the sales department.

If you use a CRM such as SugarCRM or Odoo, your sales force has the essential tool to organize its work and develop your turnover. But if, in addition, you connect an automation marketing software to your CRM, you get a powerful sales lever.

Indeed, the prospect and customer records of your CRM will be updated in real time according to the interactions they generate with your website or other communication channels. In other words, CRM will no longer be enriched exclusively by the actions of your sales representatives, but also by those of your prospects and customers.

Particularly interesting for a salesperson who, between two relaunching phases programmed in the CRM, will be able to focus primarily on those who have just revisited your site.

A good CRM-Marketing Automation connection is therefore an excellent commercial conversion rate!

In addition, companies that use lead nurturing are seeing a 20%* increase in sales opportunities. If the sales force relies on the content appreciated by this prospect during his nurturing phase, the arguments will be all the more relevant.

CRM-Marketing Automation connection

Because it is the future...

If you want to change your marketing and sales practices, it will be difficult for you to miss out on marketing automation.

It is already widely adopted by BtoC's big names and has been established in the BtoB for several years. Your competitors already use it. Why not you?

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