What love potion to save the marketing/commercial relationship?

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According to the MarketingProfs website, the combination of marketing and sales increases the retention rate by 36% and sales by 38%. A beautiful observation, but not always easy to implement... Indeed, in many companies, these two departments are in a permanent ego battle. How then can we reconcile them, or better, bind them for life? If you are wise (and you read this post in its entirety), you will discover the recipe for our love potion...

marketing/commercial relationship

Marketing and sales: we don't always love each other

When it comes to allying against the finance department that is looking to reduce budgets or logistics that is experiencing significant delivery delays, marketers and salespeople know each other very well. On the other hand, when it comes to agreeing on a new way to collaborate to boost sales and increase efficiency, it is much more complicated....

The sales manager does not want to lose his power (the business generation is him and no one else) and too often refuses the innovations proposed by marketing. The marketing director, for his part, sees salespeople as a bunch of refractory people who don't want to adapt to new technologies and therefore tends to do things in his own corner.

Result? Regular confrontations at management meetings, stagnant sales and a real frustration of other managers. To put it simply, it's not the best atmosphere!

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Now, we need to talk....

The sales manager and the marketing manager know it: it is urgent to find a common and sustainable solution to get along. Competitors are gradually gaining market share (on the web for one, on the field for the other): it is therefore time to face adversity together!

Now it is time for dialogue. But for there to be dialogue, it is still necessary to speak the same language. It is common to say that men come from Mars and women from Venus: it is a little bit the same with the salesman and the marketer.

Each must therefore put himself in the other's shoes and try to understand him. The establishment of a common vocabulary will therefore be strongly recommended. It is, for example, essential to define precisely what a lead, a prospect, actions that require immediate recall, etc.,

If the company is equipped with a good CRM, it should be easy to create a common customer knowledge base. It is the responsibility of the sales representatives to provide exhaustive field information so that the marketing department has grain to grind. On the marketing side, it is also necessary to go halfway through the process by setting up an advanced lead qualification process to enable sales representatives to gain added value.

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Marketing and sales
love story between sales and marketing team

The beginning of a beautiful love story

In order to start this new love story, it is necessary to find a common passion, a unifying element, a common playground... In short, you have understood the idea! The solution is an marketing automation software.

Why? Such a solution allows the marketing department to highlight its content and to smoothly integrate into the business process, thanks to the creation of automated email campaigns.

For the sales department, it is the assurance of benefiting from mature leads only and spending less time prospecting without much added value. It is therefore a beautiful joint project: close collaboration is necessary to publish quality content that is relevant to the target audience. It is also essential to work together to build email campaigns (since they will start from the sales representatives' accounts). Everyone wins, it's peace in the guaranteed couple!

Ready to become THE new couple that everyone else is jealous of? So go declare your love with a good automation marketing software as an engagement ring!

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