The STELAR method

Captivea LLC, Desi Csorba

What makes Captivea different then our competitors? Funny that you ask, but the answer is simple its our Methodology. We call it STELAR!   

The STELAR method is how we make your CRM integration a success. Why ?

Because :

  • S as Solid . Our CRM project method has been built and proven for more than 10 years, thanks to over 200 completed projects.

  • T as Target . Our target ? The success of your project (and we hit the mark every time).

  • E as Efficient . We focus our method on the efficiency of your business.

  • L as Lean . No need for wasted time or energy, we focus on the essentials.

  • A as Adoption The  adoption of your CRM by the employees is the key to a successful project.

  • R as ROI.  SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!   

But exactly how do we implement this method? How is it different from all those that can be found on the market of CRM provider partners? 


Training. Before, during, and on going

 At Captivea, we learned one thing: for a CRM project to be successful and all phases to run smoothly, you need to know the solution from the start. CRM knowledge is an indispensable foundation.

That's why we train our customers even before we start our deployment process. We meet project managers and key users of the solution as a standard, for a day. These preliminary courses are therefore an excellent source to:

  • Facilitate communication between the project manager and the Captivea expert

  • Accelerate the different phases of tests that will take place throughout the integration,

  • Win during the validation phase.

Then, during the final migration of the data, we train the end users to give them all the keys for a quick user adoption of the CRM. These sessions are organized according to user profiles: your sales people and sales managers do not have the same needs. Finally, if they need a little reminder, they will be able to consult the personalized training support that we will provide them. 

An agile implementation for more serenity

The implementation in "agile" mode is another strong point of our CRM methodology.

We know all too well how overwhelmed you are. We therefore decided to proceed in stages rather than implementing your new CRM in a single batch.

The goal? Avoid "the tunnel effect" and do not overwhelm yourself with a single wave of validations to provide at the end of the project.

Each CRM functionality can be the subject of a validation. Thanks to this agile process, you gain transparency: you know exactly where the project is! 

agile implementation
Smooth Finalization

A Smooth Finalization

As you see support and communication are part of the key success factors of your CRM project. We therefore make it a point to be by your side on the day of  launch. 

Beyond the technical support, during the 3 months following the launch, you will benefit from specific support from your Captivea project manager.

So ? Ready for a great intergalactic trip with our beautiful ship STELAR ? 

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Join us and make your company a better place.

White Paper - How to modernize the management of your sales force?

White Paper - How to modernize the management of your sales force?