The "80s" elixir to over-motivate your sales representatives

Captivea France, Célia JAY

It is a recipe that has been carefully kept for decades... and whose composition has never been revealed...........

Today, just for you, it is not ONE but ALL the ingredients of this elixir that we unveil to you to make your sales people real "war machines", efficient, fulfilled and motivated...

To succeed with your elixir, you will need:

- a pinch of facilitation

Your salespeople know you, you should NOT pollute their daily lives with administrative tasks and time consuming tasks... Nothing like that to demotivate them. 

To overcome this, consider providing them with tools dedicated to their business, such as an innovative CRM to both automate common tasks (visit reports, appointment reports), but also compile and monitor in a flash the progress of their objectives. 

- a pinch of facilitation
- a touch of BYOD

- a touch of BYOD

Your sales representatives have working and usage habits on specific materials and supports. Adapt and allow them to enjoy all the comfort offered by their favorite brand of smartphones, tablets and laptops with a SaaS CRM!

- an ounce of mobility

At home, at the office, in the car (or even in tennis or golf), your sales representatives are work animals who need access at all times to their "strategic" information contained in your full web CRM.

Offer them the possibility to use it in a mobile or offline mode. 

  - an ounce of mobility
a drop of gamification and playfulness

-   a drop of gamification and playfulness

As you know, your salespeople are avid gamblers (or even grown-ups). They like to take on challenges on a daily basis and love what is "fun". Offer them tools with fun, user-friendly interfaces (triple account word) that will make them want to use them.

- a hint of "meaning"

To sell well, a sales representative needs to be convinced of the interest of his product but also to understand the value chain of his company.

Take the time to explain the overall strategy, the reasons for the objectives set and the role of each of the stakeholders. By the way, it is high time to reconcile them with marketing!

a hint of "meaning"
a little bit of pride

- a little bit of pride

To sell well, your sales people like to be proud of the products they offer and their company! To offer this opportunity, be a company that "tears", thanks to its ability to listen and take into account the needs of its teams.

- and a large dose of human

What will really give your elixir its magical effect is your ability to manage by the human being (see our article "Good practices that will make you the best sales manager").

Beyond simple words, we encourage you to adopt a global attitude that combines kindness, exemplarity and responsibility.

a large dose of human

You are now in the secret of Gods! It is now up to you to prepare this elixir of pleasure and to share it with all your teams. Because they are worth it....

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White Paper - How to modernize the management of your sales force?