Problems with Customer Service: The 10 signs that show it

Captivea LLC, Desi Csorba

As a customer service manager, you know how much your teams can be solicited and overwhelmed by incoming requests. And precisely for some time now, you have noticed that it is becoming more and more difficult to get your head out of the water... Would your service have any problems? Here is a question that is quite legitimate to ask. If you recognize yourself in one of the 10 signs we will present to you, then the answer is most certainly yes.

customer services and requests

#1 : An exploding number of incoming requests

For several weeks or even months, incoming requests to customer support have been constantly increasing. This does not necessarily mean that the services/products you offer are less efficient than before.

On the contrary, it can be good news. This is a sign that salespeople are doing their job well and that market shares are increasing... It is therefore logical that your service is more in demand.

But you are having more and more difficulty managing this mass of requests....

#2 : Complicated management of multi-channel after-sales service

A few years ago, your customer service took a major shift. It has gone from a predominantly telephony management to a totally multi-channel management.

From now on, complaints come by email, through social networks, through your site's contact forms and sometimes duplicate them.

This diversity of sources does not help your business, which becomes even more complex to organize...

customer services and satisfaction

#3 : A declining customer satisfaction rate

As we have seen, more customer service requests can be a sign of a healthy company, but if these requests are not properly managed, the stick return is sometimes violent. A lot of customers are likely to change brands if they feel they have been treated as a number rather than as an individual.

If your customer satisfaction rate is falling, your company could seriously suffer. It is therefore necessary to take urgent measures to remedy this situation....

#4 : An increase in the cost of returns

Dissatisfied customers often mean returning goods or requesting service refunds. If these costs are rising within your organization, this is yet another sign of your customer service failure.

And this can seriously strain your company's budget. 

customer services and customer satisfaction

#5 : Dissatisfied salespeople

Sales representatives regularly come knocking on your door to complain about the poor feedback made by their customers on the company's after-sales management.

On the one hand, it is damaging to the image of your department internally and, on the other hand, it is a very clear sign that it is time to change things to reverse the trend and become the example to follow again....

#6 : An oversized support team

There is no doubt that all the members of your team have plenty to do during the day. However, you have become the most expensive company department in terms of number of employees.

Indeed, you have not stopped recruiting in recent months to try to cope with the increase in requests for assistance.  Except that you will soon have problems because your teams are expensive, very expensive.

customer services and plaints

#7 : Forgotten complaints to the after-sales service

This is not the first time you have been blamed because a customer complaint has not been processed. You defend your teams because you know they are doing the best they can.

But it is true that with the mass of incoming data, requests pass through and get lost in your after-sales service...

#8 : Difficult tracking of claims resolution

It is true that even you, the customer service manager, sometimes (even often) have difficulty knowing exactly where Mr. Doe's request stands...

You always (or almost) end up being able to answer him, but not without pain. This is a lot of wasted time for you, but also, and above all, for the customer who only sees this as an additional source of dissatisfaction.

customer services and reactivity

#9 : Low reactivity in response times

Despite all the hires made and your efforts to improve the organization of your service, the reactivity rate to resolve a customer complaint is still far too low!

However, a majority of customers consider that responding to their request for immediate assistance increases their loyalty: it is therefore a pity to miss this opportunity to build loyalty.

#10 : high turnover within your after-sales service teams

Even if you take care of your teams with challenges to superb rewards or give them access to yoga classes, they almost all leave after only a few months of good and loyal service...

You are therefore forced to recruit again and you spend most of your time training and managing new employees. As a result, you have even less time available to find a solution to all these problems.... 

Fortunately, we have a simple and quick solution to implement to relieve you of all these evils... The rest in our next post (yes, the suspense is unbearable...)!

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