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A sales representative can spend a large part of his day writing his e-mails... E-mails that, for the most part, will not even be read by their recipient. This is a huge waste of time for the employee and the company. In addition, some frustration may develop. So how else can we do it? Well, thanks to automation marketing (if you haven't read our post on the subject, it's this way: "Why set up Marketing automation?"). Here are some tips to build your automated commercial email campaigns successfully.

marketing automation software Start slowly

Start slowly

Not all major projects are done in one day, nor is it possible to set up an automation marketing strategy... To start on a clean basis, we strongly recommend that you do not venture into too complex campaigns from the beginning.

Test workflows of two or three basic emails at first. For example, you can send thank you emails following a download, then an email proposing a new resource and finally a demo proposal email.

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Individualize the customer experience

Once this first step is implemented, you can move to the next level: more complicated and therefore more individualized campaigns. Each customer will have a very specific background, even if it is possible to identify a standard scheme according to your persona (editor's note: name of a standard target in marketing jargon).

The emails sent must be adapted according to your target audience, their behaviour and interests. For example, a customer who has downloaded a resource X will not receive the same email workflow as the one who downloaded the resource Y. While this adds complexity to campaigns and requires more thought and rigour, it will be much more effective.

Individualize the customer experience
Customize campaigns

Customize campaigns

This may seem obvious, but it is always worth remembering: it is essential to personalize your emails as much as possible. If you have good automation marketing software, you should be able to put custom fields easily, such as the recipient's last name and company for example. It is also possible to make emails such as "you downloaded X resources this month, etc." or "it seems that the X theme interests you in the views of your recent activities on our site".

Thanks to automation marketing, your commercial emails can be highly personalized, which will increase their deliverability and attract more attention from your prospects.

Avoid being spamming

In order to keep your automatic email campaigns effective, be careful not to spam your recipients. The frequency of sending is a very important criterion to take into account. Sending an email 1 hour after a download, the next one 1 day later and another one the next day, it is the guarantee of an unsubscription, even a total exasperation.

Put yourself in the recipient's shoes: what could be the right distance between shipments? Finally, make sure you set up the software correctly, so that a lead is not part of several workflows at the same time, at the risk of flooding it with emails.

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marketing automation software Avoid being spamming
Propose interesting content

Propose interesting content

The basis of any automatic emailing campaign is to mature leads so that sales people only take over when they are ready.

To do this, it is therefore necessary to be able to offer them interesting content in order to "feed" them and feed their thinking. White papers, customer testimonials, computer graphics...

There are many options. Of course, this does not mean that you have to offer new content with each email: nothing prevents you from offering a demo or an appointment. The important thing is to mix the different messages.

Don't forget the human aspect

As you will have understood, marketing automation is an excellent way to optimize sales time and increase the overall productivity of the sales force. Nevertheless, we must not forget the human in all this! Even if automated email campaigns are very effective, nothing beats a call or a meeting to go further in the relationship.

During more off-peak periods, sales representatives can easily resume more traditional prospecting. Warning: remember to stop the email workflows when they take over, so that the lead does not receive a prospecting email from a sales representative that he would have had on the phone a few days before.

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Do not forget the human being
Think about other tools

Think about other tools

Last advice: connect to your other tools such as ERP or CRM. To take advantage of the full power of automation marketing, it is necessary to connect your Mautic, Pardot, Marketo or Hubspot solution (to name a few) to your sales management software.

Indeed, you will collect very interesting data on the preferences and interests of your prospects, so they must be able to go back into the ERP or CRM. On the other hand, if a customer element is modified (an email address for example) it must be updated in real time in the automation marketing tool.

To be sure of interoperability, do not hesitate to contact an integrator specialized in the subject.

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