How to properly integrate SugarCRM with your Information System ?

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SugarCRM Integration

An excellent SugarCRM integration in your information system is paramount. Fortunately for the CIO, SugarCRM is based on a standard connection technology. It is actually more than that, an open-source that offers unlimited possibilities. Lets look at some key points to take into account
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Choose your deployment

Make sure that the SugarCRM partner you choose respects your infrastructure policy. This partner must be able to offer you the necessary hosting conditions that you require : On site, In the cloud, On partner's cloud, ...

He or she will provide all the requirements you requested (Security, Availability rate, backup, ...) and will also advise you on how to improve your working conditions and the sizing of your deployment.

Preferred Standard API and Web-Services

SugarCRM technology connection is based on standard technology. SugarCRM offers APIs SOAP or REST in order to connect your software ERP, EDM, ToIP, Social networks, Mailers, E-commerce, Mail System, Marketing Automation, ...

Also, external identity management is completely integrated into SugarCRM (Active Directory, LDAP, SSO, SAML, ...) and the solution is based on standard DBMS available on the market. This enables and ensures a full synchronization with your data with ETL.

Start with a mapping of your needs and verify the library of web services offered.

Choose a good SugarCRM partner

Choose a SugarCRM partner expert (like Captivea) with a large selection of use cases.

A good global knowledge of the company's Information System is very important. For example, it is important that your partner know how an ERP works to ensure a better integration. 

Don't forget you have  source code access

SugarCRM is an open source software. That means one simple thing : if you have a specific need or simply want to improve its functions in order to better suit your needs, it is possible to do so, thanks to its source code. If your partner has sufficient experience in SugarCRM: software, he or she will always find a solution for any of your requirements. 

Of course, we advise you to use web services.

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