Everything you need to know before implementing Marketing Automation software

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Mautic is an easy-to-use Marketing Automation software that optimizes the customer experience by sending the right message to the right person at the right time.The ultimate objective is to increase the generation of qualified prospects.

Mautic, for whom?

Automation Marketing Software such as Mautic can be used by all companies that use a website to sell or promote its products and/or services, whether in BtoB or BtoC.

Mautic: Some figures

200,000 companies use Mautic, the software exists in 35 different languages and the Mautic community is made up of more than 1000 contributors

Mautic, what costs?

With the Marketing Automation Mautic software, costs are controlled. Indeed, no licensing costs per user per year for this software, nor costs related to the number of contacts contained in the database.

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However, it is necessary to plan a budget to configure the software, customize it and create the necessary gateways with other IS tools, including CRM.


Main features of Mautic

Lead detection

Detect who among the contacts, those who have an interest in the company's services.


Detect who among the contacts, those who have an interest in the company's services.


The increase in the score associated with each contact makes it possible to define a position in the contact's purchasing cycle and thus be able to contact him at the right time.

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Lead generation 

Sending of newsletter

Sending email as a newsletter directly from the tool and monitoring the progress of these mailings: opening rate, click rate.

Customer journey

Define in the tool precise campaigns based on contact behavior.

Communication between departments

The Marketing Automation software is primarily a work tool for the sales and marketing department.

Indeed, the sales and marketing teams will be able to work together with a common objective: increasing the number of contacts generated.

Synchronized with CRM, the automation marketing software allows you to obtain a large amount of contact information. This information may be used to support the prospecting and sales process.

Marketing automation software and communication
Marketing automation and information system

Marketing automation and information system

As a leader in OpenSource Marketing Automation solutions, Mautic can be easily integrated into a company's information system.

It is possible to set up gateways with existing tools to transfer data and make them easily accessible to all services.

In conclusion, Mautic is an Automation Marketing tool that adapts to all companies, according to their size, activity and with an affordable implementation budget. 

The dashboards will make it easy and quick to know the ROI of the implementation of this tool and the marketing campaigns carried out.

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