CRM project? Review it's integration into the information system

Captivea France, Célia JAY

A CRM project is underway in your company and, as CIO, you are in full action. In order to save you time (and money), here are some simple tips to follow to make the integration of the new CRM into the information system a simple formality.

Project CRM and integration

You will certainly be confronted with a large number of requests from the various departments of your company, particularly sales and marketing. Don't ignore them! Indeed, they will be the main users of the future CRM.

If the tool does not suit them, you will face an increase in IT shadow, requests to purchase X and Y software, etc. The best course of action is therefore to take their requests into account, prioritize with them and, if necessary, explain to them why it will not be possible to implement this or that feature. To be clear, there is one word to remember: communication!

As far as the more "technical" aspects are concerned, you will have to make strategic choices for the rest of the CRM project. For example: SaaS or on-premise? What hosting? Who will be in charge of the data between CRM and ERP?

The main advice we can give you on this subject is to weigh the pros and cons of each possibility and think about the future. How is your company likely to evolve? Will it have to manage more and more sensitive data? Are there any plans to significantly increase the size of the sales team? Here too, there is a word to remember: anticipation!

Of course, we will only give you here the main lines for a successful integration into the information system. For more exhaustive and detailed advice, we invite you to download our CRM Guide to help you succeed in your B2B CRM project. Have a good reading!

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