CRM and relational intelligence with SugarCRM

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SugarCRM's objectives

SugarCRM, the customer management software now allows you to focus on the individual.

The objective of the implementation of SugarCRM in a company is to help each employee to work better, to increase his productivity. All this, of course, while taking into account the well-being of everyone, thanks to software that is generally adopted quickly and makes important data, essential data, available to everyone.

If each employee has the right tools, the company's strategic objectives will be quickly achieved. This is why SugarCRM now offers functionalities based on modern technologies, social-digital interactions and adapts to changes in consumer behaviour.

SugarCRM's objectives
SugarHint for SugarCRM

SugarHint for SugarCRM

With the SugarHint module, it is now possible and easy to retrieve contact and account information. Indeed, the SugarHint module can easily retrieve a lot of information.

Thus it will be possible to automatically synchronize information such as company data: current address, website, turnover, workforce, sector of activity, etc... and also more personal information on contacts: profile picture, position held, latest news, etc.....

The SugarHint module has many advantages. Thanks to him, all the data contained in the CRM is of high quality and up-to-date. Then it will be easy, thanks to the implementation of workflow, to create activities in CRM based on company information for example, and thus make quality segmentation on precise and reliable points.

SugarCRM Integrator

To install SugarCRM in a company it is necessary to use a SugarCRM integrator. Indeed, a CRM service provider is able to advise and provide its expertise during the implementation of SugarCRM.

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