Commercial productivity: 5 points provided by marketing automation

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When it comes to business productivity, some tools like CRM come to mind right away. Today, another tool is little known or used by sales representatives: Marketing Automation. However, thanks to this type of software, you can offer your sales representatives qualified leads and extra time to refocus on their core business: selling.

Here are five reasons not to miss Marketing Automation to boost your business productivity.

link between marketing and sales

Reason #1: recreate the link between marketing and sales

Generally, you are presented with Marketing as a "support" for sales. However, in practice, you have the impression that the sales process is based solely on your team. This idea is mainly the result of a misalignment between your services.

You need to make a difference by aligning marketing actions with business objectives. Through various proprietary strategies, Marketing can help you in your lead identification and maturation mission.

Save time by letting Marketing feed your CRM: you will receive qualified contact files on which you can focus.

Reason #2: increase the number of incoming requests

Very concretely, an Automation Marketing software allows you to create landing pages where your prospects must enter their details to access your content (produced by Marketing).

Thus, you will increase tenfold the number of leads or opportunities from your website. Enough to allow your sales representatives to benefit from many more leads and especially a good opportunity to call them after a download (and thus avoid cold calling)!

increase the number of incoming requests
boost the power of your CRM

Reason #3: boost the power of your CRM

CRM software is the natural tool for sales forces. And by connecting an automation marketing solution to it, its interest will be even greater: more contacts, better qualified leads, customer files updated in real time according to the pages they visit on your site... the advantages are numerous.

The objective here is to improve the power of a tool that is already essential for you, CRM, to help you in your daily tasks.

Reason #4: automate part of the business processes

Imagine automating a time-consuming task such as commercial follow-up emails? Every day you make many commercial appointments and maintain a portfolio of dozens of customers.

Very quickly, writing emails takes a considerable amount of time, especially when it comes to reminders. Choose an Automation Marketing software to automatically send all your standard emails without losing the customization.

Enter all your emails (and their templates) into your software and they will be sent automatically. They can even be configured to send a specific message following a prospect's action on your site. This will save you time and allow you to focus on more interesting and value-added tasks.

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automate part of the business processes
say goodbye to prospecting in the tough

Reason #5: say goodbye to prospecting in the tough

You have understood: marketing automation allows you to considerably reduce prospecting in the hard times.

Why don't you even say goodbye to him permanently? It is difficult to resist such an advantage... Chronophagus, demoralizing, ineffective: the limits of cold calling are no longer to be demonstrated.

Your automation marketing software is able to send you at regular intervals a file of qualified, scorted contacts; even better, to transfer them automatically to your CRM tool. This way you will no longer have to call prospects who have never heard of your offer. You will focus on leads that are nourished by content produced by Marketing

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