Captivea USA Blog Work With Odoo: Set Up Work From Home In Your Business With Odooébastien RISSCOVID-19 has shaken up many industries and for some their operations were moved to being remote. One change that does not seem to be going away anytime soon. Indeed working for home has become the new normal in some industries. Businesses both big and small have had to make adjustments to continue their operations remotely or onsite with certain limitations, the transition to remote work was easier for some businesses than others. Those still making or looking to make a transition, you will be pleased to know that Odoo has many apps that can help overcome all your work from home challenges while promoting collaboration and ultimately improved efficiency and increased productivity. 2020-08-05T17:53:11ZHow Odoo helps in industries 4.0 (IIoT) BolivarIndustry 4.0 and IoT are transforming the manufacturing sector, but the need to improve quality is what is driving competitive innovation and the change is already underway. There are several key efforts to look out for and end-users looking for a solution, engineering companies designing IoT projects, and technology providers in the IoT ecosystem should be well aware of these core components while avoiding closed solutions that provide all of these blocks using private technologies. A selection that generally compromises the evolution and maintenance of the project over time. In the case of the Odoo platform, it has been designed to be open so that it can be easily integrated with third-party systems and so that external developers can extend and make use of the platform's functionalities. 2020-08-03T16:05:19ZCRM in SMEs and ETIs: The Current State RoderySurprisingly, only 27% of SMEs and ETIs (intermediate-sized enterprises) are equipped with CRM. There is great awareness of all the ways in which a CRM system can benefit a company. So then why is it that there is such a small number of these companies that have adopted CRM software. What is holding them back? There are actually a few obstacles, but they can be overcome. In this blog post, we will cover some of the benefits of CRM software, as well as some of the obstacles that companies may have that prevent them from using it. 2020-07-15T16:09:58.740760ZThe Ideal CRM: What Direct Benefits Can it Bring To Your Business Development? LanchipaIt can be argued that the sales manager's best tool is not his dedicated sales tool, but rather the CRM. But the CRM has to be able to fit your specific needs and existing Information System (IS). It needs to be scalable for growth and flexible enough in order to keep up with the changes in your business as well as your industry. The proper CRM can improve your business and is pretty much necessary for great sales professionals. Read this entire blog to find out all the components of an ideal CRM system. 2020-07-13T14:40:24.326358ZCRM: The Main Tool For Customer Success Managementébastien RISSUp until a few years ago, there was no such thing as a Customer Success Manager. But now they are becoming more prevalent and for a good reason: the companies of today now understand that it is no longer only products and markets that are at the core of a good business strategy, but also customers and their needs. Company longevity includes building customer loyalty and creating a strong relationship with them and this is where a Customer Success Manager comes into play. In this blog, we will talk about what a Customer Success Manager is and how they work. 2020-06-24T19:33:52.104610ZOdoo Deployment: an Agile Approach For an Agile ERPébastien RISSHere at Captivea we understand how important successful software deployment is for your company. Failure to properly carry out any one stage of deployment can have costly consequences down the road. Whether it’s a new deployment, redesign, or upgrade we have opted to handle our Odoo projects in a three-phased agile method that prioritizes what your company needs the most to avoid common software deployment pitfalls. In this blog post, we will cover each of these phases which include; project definition workshops, a sprint structured Implementation and deployment and production start-up supported with patches for a quick return on investment. 2020-05-22T02:47:55.392477ZOdoo Project: Who to Call? Your Existing IT Service Provider or an Odoo Partner? CsorbaOn your path to becoming a part of the millions who have deployed Odoo in their company, you may come across this question. Who do I call? You can go with your existing IT service provider. You already have an established relationship with them and know exactly how they work, so why not? Or you can opt for an Odoo partner. No, you don't know them yet, you'd have to rebuild a relationship with yet another service provider. And best of all, they specialize in odor. Which one should you go with? Find out in this article. 2020-05-19T17:58:53.638236ZOdoo: is its Use Being Optimized in Your Company? CsorbaSo you've deployed the Odoo ERP throughout the different departments of your organzation, and you have all of these great ideas in your mind of how well it should be functioning, but are you aware of how it's actually being used by your employees? Too many times, whether it be due to a lack of training or employee resistance to change, management softwares like Odoo are not used to their fullest potential. In this blog, we will give you the advice needed to ensure that users in your organization are taking full advantage when using the Odoo ERP software. 2020-05-13T19:38:24.681425ZOdoo Ecosystem: Optimization For Boosted Productivity HammondWhat separates Odoo from other ERPs? It built-in agility and it's widespread coverage. Odoo has numerous applications and or modules that allow you to take your various business activities, even those that are highly specific, manage them, and take them to a new level of performance. But it can be difficult to know all that the Odoo ERP can do for your organization without a broad understanding of the Odoo ecosystem. In this post, we will share some advice you can follow to get the most out of Odoo and optimize it for boosted productivity. 2020-05-13T14:44:28.404163ZOdoo: Why Choose a Certified Integrator? CsorbaWhether or not you already have Odoo, or just got through deciding to deploy and Odoo implementation, one thing is true; you'll need an Odoo integration partner to get the most out of Odoo. It is an important decision but potentially a difficult one to make. But, it is recommended to choose a certified Odoo integrator to make it easier on you. It can save you from a world of headaches down the road. A certified Odoo Integration partner is worth it for the extra know knowledge, experience and expertise they come with. In this post, we will cover in-depth the benefits of choosing an Odoo certified integrator as well as how to spot them. 2020-05-12T18:28:13.378061ZOdoo Version 13.2 Lubin, Captivea LLCThe Odoo open-source ERP has seen some pretty impressive updates but never like this. In Odoo version 13.2 there are a number of technical, visual and practical updates that make this version the most elaborate version to date. To name a few, the following modules; accounting, inventory, manufacturing and web creation, have all been updated. Read the entire blog to get all the info you need on the latest Odoo 13.2 update. 2020-04-28T15:28:55.747881ZOdoo Lead Generation: Odoo Handles It Allébastien RISSThe Odoo open-source ERP is like a marketing dream come true. Imagine a software that helped you acquire leads, send them through a predefined journey and convert them into customers all within one software. With automated marketing capabilities, the Odoo marketing rivals other softwares like HubSpot and Marketo. The advantage of Odoo is its interconnectivity with the rest of the Odoo application suite. Odoo offers the most complete solution capable of fulfilling multiple business needs. To learn more, read the entire blog. 2020-04-14T19:33:19.523952ZCRM: Achieve 360° Customer Vision With Odooébastien RISSIs a standalone CRM enough? Are you lacking the visibility you desire for your company operations? In this blog post, we discuss Odoo's built-in customer relationship management (CRM) module and how can be used for enhanced visibility of your customers and company. It is often asserted that ERP and CRM systems have little to no interconnectivity, but with Odoo, the contrary is true. With a built-in CRM, information flows freely and efficiently throughout the rest of the ERP's app suite. The Odoo CRM module can easily be connected to other operations such as sales and accounting. This connectivity ultimately allows for greater work speed and efficiency in the workspace. 2020-04-14T17:53:11.904957ZHuman Resources: Enhanced Employee Management With Odoo CsorbaCan Odoo Employees, Odoo's human resources module, become the HR's department new favorite tool? In this blog, we take a look at Odoo's human resources module. Centralized, powerful and user-friendly, Odoo Employees helps optimize time, activity and data management by enabling maximum visibility of all department/employee activities. Odoo also offers several tools that help organize the employees of an organization as well. This may sound just like any other HRIS software to some. So, the question then arises, why choose an Odoo module Instead of a dedicated HR Software? Read the entire blog to find out! 2020-04-14T13:41:49.221703ZIndustry: Improve Factory Productivity With Odooébastien RISSA good flow of information throughout a factory's workshops is a real driver of industrial performance. Odoo knew how important data flow was for industrial production companies and it shows in their Odoo PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) module. The module, designed to be a true control tower of your production, was built with your operational excellence in mind, and with proper implementation/ integration, it can greatly boost the efficiency of your operations. In this blog, we will discuss the features of this module and how they can bring value to your company by increasing your reactivity, improving your quality control levels and ensuring corrective and preventive maintenance. We will also cover how easy these features are to use thanks to Odoo's friendly and ergonomic interface. 2020-04-10T16:54:38.360225Z