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An Odoo partner to implement Odoo

All the advantages of choosing an Odoo partner for your Odoo project

About Odoo

About Odoo

Odoo is a flexible and modular business management software, so it has great adaptability possibilities in all companies.

In addition to all the so-called ERP functionalities, the Odoo software offers other functionalities that make it possible to increase the profitability of companies.

Indeed, Odoo allows you to manage all the company's departments: sales management, marketing management, HR management, financial management, warehouse management, operations management, etc.... In addition to that Odoo allows to set up a website, and E-commerce. 

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Implement Odoo with an Odoo partner

To integrate Odoo into a company it is advisable to consult an Odoo partner.

The Odoo partner advises and supports companies in the implementation of Odoo.

The Odoo partner is involved at all stages of the integration of the Odoo software.

From the beginning the Odoo partner works closely with the company to clearly define the needs, define what are the essential functionalities.

Then the Odoo partner accompanies the company until the implementation of the software: configuration, customization, development (if necessary), user training and then support, evolutions, follow-up.

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Implement Odoo with an Odoo partner

Captivea is an Odoo partner

 Captivea is an Odoo partner and supports companies to implement the Odoo software. 

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