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Odoo: business management software for all companies!

Odoo Flexible software

Flexible software

Odoo is a modular and flexible business management software that can be easily installed in all companies (small, medium or large and in any industry).

The modularity of the software allows companies to simply use the features they need.

Odoo software covers all the departments of a company, it is more than just an ERP.

Indeed this software allows to manage the sales department, the marketing department, the financial department, the HR department, the production department, the operations management, the warehouse management, the website, the Ecommerce site,...

A company can find everything it needs in terms of software with Odoo. And if the application does not exist as a base in the software, the company can choose from the Odoo apps store the application it needs, and if this is not enough, as the Odoo software is open source, it is easy to develop a custom application or module that can be integrated into the software.

3.7 million users

Odoo software users worldwide

+16000 apps

to download via the Odoo apps store

1250 Odoo partner

to support companies in the integration of Odoo

Odoo Evolutive software

Evolutive software

The needs of all companies evolve over time, with the growth of the company, with the needs of the company. Odoo's advantage is that it can easily adapt to the company's growth and needs.

Indeed, it is easy to modify the parameters, the processes defined at the beginning in Odoo. The software is not frozen, it evolves, it develops.

If the company needs a new feature, simply download the corresponding application.

Adding new features or changing settings is quick. The company does not waste time using software that no longer suits it.

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User-friendly software

Odoo is very easy to use

Powerful software

Odoo is as efficient as the major ERPs known as Dynamics 365, SAP, Oracle

Affordable software

The cost of Odoo is attractive

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Captivea is an Odoo partner and supports all companies in the success of their Odoo software implementation project.

An Odoo partner can help you define your needs, configure the software, customize the software, train teams to use Odoo, and evolve the software with the company.

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