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10 reasons to use odoo for scheduling appointments

The essential features of a good appointment scheduling software

Odoo is an all-in-one business management software

About Odoo

Odoo is an all-in-one business management software that meets all of a company's needs. It consists of applications that are integrated with each other. This software allows you to replace many of a company's tools into one.

We can also use only some of the features of this software, as well as some applications, such as the appointment scheduling application.

Odoo offers applications for sales, marketing, accounting, warehousing, point of sale, human resources and more.

This software is configurable, customizable to the needs of companies. It is not only an appointment planning software, it is a software that can go further and grow with the company that uses it.

Why Odoo?

All companies want to have efficient software to manage appointment scheduling. This is exactly what we find with Odoo, among the reasons why Odoo is the software to choose when a company wants to set up a tool to manage online appointment scheduling.

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Reason #1: Define appointment types

Each company can customize Odoo according to its needs, so it can define what types of appointments can be made.

Reason #2: Setting the time slot

It is possible to determine time slots during which it is possible to book slots.

Reason #3: Set up automatic reminders for appointments

Define the frequency and type of reminder sent to remind the customer of the day and time of the appointment (notifications, sms, email).

Reason #4: Personalization of messages

Easily customize appointment confirmation messages with the information that is essential for you.

Reason #5: Access from the smartphone

Access all information about appointments from the smartphone and allow your customers to book their appointments from their smartphone.

Reason #6: Live Chat and Support Email

Customers can contact you via the interface via chat.

Reason #7: Customize the appointment form

All questions and steps to make an appointment are customizable.

Reason #8: Choice of language used

The appointment scheduling interface can be used in several languages.

Reason #9: Unlimited

The number of appointments is unlimited, it is still limited to the time slots that have been defined.

Reason #10: Google calendar sync

Synchronization of the calendar with google calendar on android and also on the phone calendar application.

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